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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, as women, it’s easy to feel disconnected. The invisible wounds we carry affect our relationships, well-being, and sense of self… We’ve lost connection with our ancestral feminine power, and we’ve lost connection with ourselves. What I offer is more than just a guide: it’s a gateway to a profound personal healing journey.

Download “Renew Your Spirit: Revitalise Your Body And Soul With The Transformative Power Of Tantra” today and take the first step on your path to a revitalised spirit, harmonised energy, and a transformed tomorrow.

Uncover Your Path: What Will You Find Inside?

Ancient, authentic Tantra is built on connection and powered by love.

As far back as 300CE, these powerful practices have been used to reconnect and realign the body’s potent energies and natural rhythms.

This guide offers insight into these powerful practices and guides you along your own empowering journey of healing and transformation.

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Inside your guide, you’ll find:

Let’s Embark on This Journey Together

Welcome to your pathway of empowerment and transformation!

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I’m Esther, and I’m honoured to be your guide.

During my own healing journey, I was gifted to experience the incredible power of Tantra to finally transform the invisible wounds of trauma that had weighed heavily on me over the past.

I was disconnected, lost, and completely exhausted, not at all a reflection of the powerful feminine energy I channel today.

From my first client, the ancestral power and spiritual energies have guided my practice. At first, this connection felt almost overwhelming. Today, it is a natural part of who I am as a woman and a Tantra masseuse.

As a certified Tantra massage therapist specialising in helping women heal from trauma, I am committed to providing my clients with authentic Tantra experiences.

My deep understanding of Tantra’s transformative power enables my clients to feel the power of ancient energies and even receive visions of past lives, messages from their ancestors and many more.

My true and undeniable purpose is to share this deep connection and healing power through my tantric massage therapies, upcoming book, and this free guide. So that my vision of an earth full of strong, empowered and healed femininity finally comes true.

May you find connection, healing, and transformation within its pages.

Esther Janssen

Experience Authentic Tantra

Even amongst spiritually open people, Tantra has a complicated reputation in the modern age.

The rise of more modern, westernised, and often sexualised practices that incorporate only a limited section of tantric teachings far removed from the original Hindu and Buddhist texts has muddied our understanding of this ancient practice.

Neotantra: A New Age Disconnection

Neotantra, also known as modern Tantra, gained popularity in the 1960s, particularly due to the new wave of sexual freedom that emerged during that time. This movement played a significant role in bringing neotantra into the spotlight almost overnight.

Since then, neotantra has become a fusion of many new-age meditative practices and continues to stray farther from the roots and foundations of authentic, ancient, tantric teachings.

It’s true that practitioners may find relaxation benefits from the mediation practices often used in neotantra. However, neotantra often lacks the spiritual connection and energy direction of true Tantra. 

Combined with strong sexual themes, this can be confusing and even harmful to students and clients with invisible wounds and unseen traumas.

Tantra: An Ancient Connection

True Tantra has existed for thousands of years. It is a holistic spiritual practice passed through generations of enlightened practitioners, offering a divine connection, enlightenment, and transformation that is both powerful and unique.

Ancient Tantra is the complete practice of millennia-old traditions.

It has been unchanged for thousands of years and balances energy, spirit, and body for a uniquely personal and deeply transformative experience unmatched by modern spiritual practices.

It is this ancient, true Tantra that I embody and practice.

This is the powerful ancestral connection you will find within “Renew Your Spirit: Revitalise Your Body and Soul with the Transformative Power of Tantra”.

Experience a Lifelong-Lasting Transformation

My Tantra enables you on a physical, mental and spiritual level to experience a light, very powerful and loving transformation.

This guide is not one to ‘try out’ and forget. It’s a valuable insight into how the ancient power of Tantra can be used and incorporated into modern life to transform your past for a great future.

If you want to release yourself from the weight of invisible wounds…

If you want to reconnect with your ancestral feminine energy and reclaim your power…

If you want to experience the serenity of true self-love and acceptance…

Now is the time to embark on a personal journey of connection and healing that revitalises your body and free your soul to finally live your true calling.

Don’t Waste Another Moment Outside of Your Divine Energy

For too long, you have been tiresomely weighed down by invisible wounds and restrained by the expectations imposed on modern women.

Becoming powerful, confident, and true to your spirit is not an impossible dream reserved only for those with the luxury of freedom from today’s figurative feminine chains.

You have the power to transform and thrive…

This guide is your epiphany moment.

More than a simple how-to, “Renew Your Spirit: Revitalise Your Body and Soul with the Transformative Power of Tantra” is essential to your journey to a more fulfilled, connected, and harmonious life.

Filled with ancient wisdom, practical exercises, and empowering insights to guide you back to your true feminine essence, it’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to connect with your divine energy.

Your path to connection and healing starts here!

A future filled with empowerment and possibilities is awaiting you.

This is the most important journey you’ll ever take – are you ready to embrace it?

Esther Janssen’s offer is very promising. Women who have suffered sexual assault or abuse and have worked through their traumas psychotherapeutically can be helped in an innovative way with Esther’s Tantra Massage. Tantric massage can also be healing for mothers. For example, it can help heal birth scars or rekindle sexual desire.

Corina Stähli (Expert Psychologist)

Download “Renew Your Spirit: Revitalise your Body and Soul with the Transformative Power of Tantra” for free today.

Esther Janssen Thank you

My upcoming book is a beautiful and lovingly illustrated masterpiece of my experiences and insights. This book will give you a deeper insight into the mindful and unintentional art of touch based on the teachings of the Tantra, through which you can strengthen the connection to your feminine primal power. I wish that you feel encouraged to face your vulnerability and traumas, alone or with the help of your partner, your soul-sister, or your heartmate, to heal finally. Immerse yourself in a world where you can feel your body, honour your yoni, ignite your sensual femininity, and celebrate self-love. And awaken as the strong, confident, and loving soul that you are.

Rest assured that my newsletter will update you on the book’s progress. Additionally, I will empower and encourage you to connect with your feminine power so that you can unleash your full potential.

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